Jul.1997 Established to manufacture precision molds and auto-molding system in Fukuoka as HQ.

Sep.1997 Opened Fukuoka Factory, Kyoto Factory and Singapore Branch

Feb.1998 Sold the first auto-molding system g COSMO-M g

Jul.1998 Sold first g COSMO-BGA g designated for BGA product

Jun.1999 Sold first Reel to Reel system g COSMO-RL g

Nov.1999 Sold first g COSMO-T g

Sep.2000 Sold Top-gate auto-molding system g COSMO-TG g

Dec.2003 Head Q moved to current site

May.2004 Fukuoka factory and Head Q were combined

Dec.2004 Acquired Kyoto factory premises

Jan.2005 Opened Taiwan office as support

Jun.2005 Opened Malaysia office as sales & support

Sep.2005 ISO 14001 approved

Jan.2006 Sold small Real to Real auto-molding system g SRL g

Apr.2006 Opened China office in Shanghai, China

May.2006 Expanded Fukuoka factory

Dec.2006 Developed COSMO-WBGA for Wide Substrate BGA

Oct.2007 Developed film assist auto-molding system g COSMO-TFA g

Oct.2007 Purchased Kurume main office & factory

Jan.2008 Developed COSMO-WBP for POP/Wide Substrate BGA